Online Merchandising

90%+ of consumers start their journey online. In a competitive landscape, you want to attract consumers’ attention and stand out from your competition.

Drive more clicks and enquiries and maximise stock turn with professional merchandising that integrates perfectly with your website and digital marketing. All from one simple app.

Online Merchandising
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Stunning Images Instantly

Get your stock online in minutes, drive consistency and improve click rates.

  • Highest Quality Vehicle Photographs

    Capture unlimited HD images directly from the Pyxel app. The user simply positions the car in the wireframe and follows the in-app guide and the Pyxel platform does the rest.

    Define your own templates controlling the number, and sequence of the images, mandatory images and much more.

    used car
  • AI Background Removal and Enhancement

    Full or partial background removal and enhancement delivered instantly through the Pyxel app.

    Our AI platform can remove the existing background from your photographs and replace it with the design of your choice in real time.

    Select a virtual showroom background, a neutral environment or various backgrounds dependent on brand or AUC status. You define your brand guidelines, our platform delivers.

    three cars with dealer branding and generated background
  • Instant Branding for all Photographs

    Make sure all of your vehicle images stand out and are professionally branded.

    Selectable templates for different stock types (AUC/by brand etc.) Dealer/OEM bespoke branding is automatically applied to all images.

    6 car photographs branded for each car dealer
  • Advanced Editing Suite

    For advanced users, marketing departments or to make incremental adjustments post-processing additional advanced editing functionality is included.

    This is accessed and managed via the desktop control panel.

    man in marketing department at dealer using pyxel editing suite to adjust car photograph

Vehicle Web Video

Stand out and boost car sales with engaging inventory video.

  • Instant HD Video Upload

    Whilst using the app to take vehicle photographs. Seamlessly record and upload HD videos from your Android or iOS device directly to the Pyxel platform.

    Gyroscopic assistance and start-stop recording stitches video segments together – so you don’t need to be Spielberg to get a great result every time.

  • Dynamic Video Branding

    Videos that stand out and drive engagement. Promote your brand through video.

    Enhance your videos and build your brand. Inventory video with full branding capability including user-selectable pre-roll and post-roll clips to elevate the viewing experience.

    sales person recording a video at a car dealer sending a link to a personalised video to customer
  • Automated Soundtrack and Voiceover

    Automatically add a soundtrack or voiceover to your videos, saving you time and effort.

    The platform offers complete flexibility dependent upon requirements.

    A standardised background music track, dealer/group benefits overview or full in-depth vehicle narration simply select your preference as the video is recorded.

    grey Volkswagen golf with pyxel car photography
  • Automated Video Distribution

    Effortlessly distribute your videos to multiple destinations, including your dealer website, OEM channels, YouTube, and third-party sites.

    This ensures consistency and accuracy across all of your marketing channels.


red ford fiesta photography and 360 degree spin on a turntable at a dealer

Pyxel 360°

Engage your customers with interactive 360° vehicle imagery that allows them to explore the exterior and interior of your vehicles in detail. This immersive experience can help you increase customer engagement, reduce decision-making time, and boost online sales.

  • Exterior 360° Spin

    The Pyxel 360° exterior spin, requires no additional hardware or equipment, it is all delivered via the Pyxel app.

    This solution allows panoramic hand-held or turntable-based engaging 360° imagery.

    red ford fiesta photography and 360 degree spin on a turntable at a dealer
  • Interior 360° Spin

    Allow consumers to fully view the interior of a car remotely.

    Interactive, engaging click-and-zoom interior walkarounds.

    laptop with a 360 degree interior spin of a used car

What’s included

A simple easy to easy-to-understand package with all of the functionality required to elevate your online presence. Create an incredible professional online storefront, generate more clicks, more enquiries and sales.

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Online Merchandising features
  • Pyxel app iOS & Android

  • Unlimited images per vehicle

  • Bespoke integrated background replacement

  • Multiple template selections in app (eg approved/non approved)

  • Bespoke branding

  • Mandatory images

  • Static marketing insert panels

  • Wireframe image guides

  • Camera stabilisation gyros

  • Camera shutter delay

  • In app image editing

  • Desktop editing suite

  • Promotional image overlays

  • Pyxel 360° Exterior

  • Pyxel 360° Interior

  • Web video

  • Merge video start and end clips

  • Video soundtrack overlays

  • Front/rear camera switching

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Bespoke soundtracks

Stunning fully merchandised cars: instantly.

How does it work? It is super simple, but the Pyxel platform is doing a lot in the background.

Car imagery and videos.
Drive clicks and enquiries.

At Pyxel, we’re on a mission to transform your automotive business by providing a complete platform designed to drive more enquiries, maximise stock turn/value, and foster meaningful conversations with your customers. Our user-friendly app brings all these benefits together seamlessly, making your automotive retail business smoother than ever.

  • Increase online engagement: Captivate potential customers with visually appealing vehicle presentation.
  • Boost sales: Showcase your vehicles in the best possible light to drive conversions.
  • Save time and resources: Streamline your image production process.
  • Stand out from the competition: Deliver exceptional imagery that sets your dealership apart.
  • One App for everything

    Our proprietary easy to use app is used for all your merchandising.

  • Unlimited Vehicles

    There are no limits on our packages. Stock levels vary, you need to be able to merchandise all of your vehicles.

  • Highest Quality

    All photographs and videos are delivered in crystal clear high-definition

  • Legendary Support

    Best in class support; Fast response from real people employed by Pyxel.

  • All platforms all devices

    No specific requirements or additional hardware

  • Bespoke branding

    All media branded to your specific specifications

We’re so confident in our products that we don’t do long-term contracts. Simply pay on a monthly basis.

  • Sales and merchandising tools in one simple easy to use app available on iOS and Android.

  • The most complete solution set available for marketing / merchandising / sales / aftersales.

  • We are so confident in our products we don’t have long contracts – simply pay on a monthly basis.

  • Our packages and pricing are simple and easy to understand.

  • Bespoke solution: your business is different our solutions flex to your requirements and processes.

  • Highest rated support; available 7 days a week.

  • Best in class image and video quality.

  • Trusted by 300+ OEMs and dealers.

Find out how you can drive sales and aftersales. Simply.

Start building your ideal customer engagement experience.