Aftersales Communicator

In today’s competitive aftersales environment, exceptional service and the use of digital tools are more important than ever for retailers to stand out from the competition. Aftersales communicator gives you the tools to do just that.

Digitally take your customer right into the workshop, allowing your technicians to show them exactly what work is needed on their vehicle while it is still on the lift. This helps your customer quickly understand what’s required with the ability to authorise part or all of the work immediately from the app.

Build Efficiency, Enhance Customer Relationships, and Drive Sales

Aftersales Communicator
  • Technician HD Video

    Immerse your customers in the world of high-definition video communication. Our Aftersales Communicator enables technicians to create captivating videos for all aftersales and warranty customer interactions. The clarity of HD video ensures that every detail is communicated effectively.

  • Multi-Channel Delivery

    Reach your customers where they are. Our Aftersales Communicator offers flexible delivery options – choose between SMS, email notifications, or both. Keep your customers informed and engaged through the channels they prefer.

    service advisor sends a aftersales video to a customer and follow up by sms
  • Easy To Use App

    Empower your technicians with our user-friendly Pyxel app. Crafting customer videos has never been easier, thanks to a seamless interface that puts control in the hands of the user. With just a few clicks, technicians can capture, personalize, and send videos directly from the workshop floor.

  • Professional Results: Every time

    Enhance your videos effortlessly with user-selectable pre and post-clips. Our intelligent system automatically adds these clips, creating a polished and professional touch to every communication. Say goodbye to manual editing – Pyxel takes care of it for you.

customer web page to approve work and review video
  • Personalised Bespoke Branded Interactive Landing Pages

    Each customer is directed to their personalised, branded interactive landing page. Here they can watch the video, communicate with the aftersales team and authorise additional work directly from the video, creating a streamlined and customer-centric experience.

    customer web page to approve work and review video
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Measurement

    Stay in control with real-time data at your fingertips. Monitor customer interactions, video views, and conversion rates through our intuitive dashboard. Receive updates as your customers engage with the personalised content.

    Graphic showing the pyxel dealer dashboard
  • Seamless Software Integration

    Integrate with ease. Pyxel plays well with other software providers, including eVHC and DMS systems. This seamless integration allows for enhanced workflows and processes, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

  • Adaptable Video Routing

    Easily adapt the system to fit your internal processes. Choose video routing direct from the technician delivery or route through the aftersales advisor to the customer. Pyxel adapts to your workflow, ensuring a seamless experience for both your team and customers.

    conversation aftersales video flow
  • Customer Centric Contact Channels

    Facilitate communication with your customers through various channels – email, Video Live Chat, Live Chat, or WhatsApp. Provide them with the flexibility to choose the method that suits them best, fostering a connection that goes beyond the workshop.

Simple process

Deliver increased customer satisfaction and peace of mind by providing them with Pyxel Aftersales Communicator.

The service video enables your customer to clearly see and understand the work needed on their vehicles. The customer is able to quickly authorise the work to be carried out directly from their personalised landing page which reduces wasted time in the workshop and increases efficiency.

Increase sales by identifying pre-emptive work while the vehicle is in the workshop bringing this to the customer’s attention with evidence-based videos.

What’s included

A simple easy to easy-to-understand package with all of the functionality required to provide an incredible aftersales experience for your customers.

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Aftersales Communicator features
  • Android and iOS app

  • Personalised customer service video

  • Bespoke branded personal landing pages

  • eVHC

  • In app live chat with customers

  • Promotional offer ability

  • Tracking and reports system: opens/views/engagement

  • In-app editing

  • Systems integrations

  • DMS integrations

  • Configurable branded delivery: SMS & email

  • Bespoke branding: graphics/pre roll/post roll

  • Bespoke soundtracks

  • Unlimited users & uploads

  • Work approval authorisation

  • Adaptable workflow - service advisor

Aftersales flow

Aftersales Communicator Flow

Boost aftersales revenue and customer confidence with personalised videos.

At Pyxel, we understand the pulse of a bustling workshop environment, and that’s why we’ve crafted a simple and user-friendly app tailored for technicians and the aftersales team. Elevate your aftersales and warranty customer communications with our HD video features and seamless integration capabilities, designed to enhance your workflows and processes effortlessly.

  • Increase Customer Confidence

    Generate explanatory videos on work carried out to increase customer trust.

  • Generate Additional Revenue

    Increase sales with branded Vehicle Health Checks for the customer.

  • Fast Track Approvals

    Increase throughput by allowing customers to approve work directly from their Phone or PC.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Integrate with your workshop systems to eliminate duplication, and streamline more aftersales admin tasks.

  • Bespoke Branding

    Customer landing pages, all customer communication branded to your requirements

  • Adaptable Workflows

    Configure the system to fit your internal process

Find out how to delight your aftersales customers.

Pyxel makes it easy to keep customers informed and drive revenues.

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