Image QC

Create consistency across your entire network. Utilising a blend of people and technology, apply standards consistently to your brand; whatever your requirements are.

Image QC brings all dealers to a minimum standard, but still allows the most proactive, the space to shine.

Image QC

Quality Assurance at Scale

  • Live QC

    At Pyxel, we understand the power of a visual first impression. Our Image QC solution offers an automated, in-depth, consistent review of each image processed. Say goodbye to inconsistencies – ensure that every image meets your specific requirements, maintaining a level of quality that resonates across your entire network.

  • Technology and People

    We believe in the perfect blend of technology and the discerning eye of our quality assurance team. This synergy guarantees not just accuracy but a level of consistency that brings your entire network to a minimum standard. Pyxel Image QC isn’t just about automation; it’s also about applying common sense.

    man reviewing the quality of car photographs submitted by a dealer
  • Totally Flexible – You Decide

    Your brand, your rules. With Pyxel Image QC, flexibility is your superpower. Define the acceptable standards that align with your brand’s uniqueness. Whether it’s the number of images, mandatory image types, OEM AUC branding, dealer branding, AUC messaging insertions, video inclusion, image quality, or the time a vehicle spends in stock without imagery – you call the shots.

    a photograph of a blue BMW car following quality control
  • Example Criteria - You Decide

    • Specify the number of images per vehicle
    • Mandate specific image types for consistency
    • Incorporate OEM AUC branding for brand uniformity
    • Include/exclude dealer branding
    • Add AUC messaging insertions for personalised touchpoints
    • Integrate videos for a dynamic visual experience
    • Image quality standards
    • Set a time limit for vehicles without imagery, maintaining a fresh and engaging inventory
    a laptop showing consistent vehicle photographs from a dealer after they have been quality checked

What’s included

A simple solution that utilises the Pyxel rules engine to review all images uploaded across a network and ensure that all appropriate standards are enforced and applied. A fully managed solution that requires no additional input.

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Image QC features
  • Configurable rules engine

  • Unlimited vehicle images

  • Automated processing

  • Blend of people and technology

  • Variable approach: hard/advisory

  • QA for quality or branding

  • Centrally applied branding

  • Flexible client defined approach

  • Group reporting

  • Retailer feedback and coaching

QC system workflow

Image QC Flow

Ensure high-quality, consistent images on every vehicle, every time.

Pyxel Image QC ensures that every image processed aligns with your brand’s unique standards, bringing a level of consistency and professionalism to your entire network.

  • Unmatched Precision: Pyxel Image QC guarantees an in-depth review of each processed image
  • Efficiency at Scale: Automation without sacrificing the human touch. Our Image QC solution seamlessly combines technology and human expertise, ensuring consistent, high-quality visuals.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Streamline your image processing workflow and reduce the need for manual intervention. With Pyxel Image QC, save valuable time and resources, focus on what matters most – delivering an exceptional visual experience to your audience.
  • Unlimited images

    There is no limit to the number of images that can be processed per vehicle

  • Flexible rules engine

    You define the standards and requirements within the rules engine

  • Cost effective

    A remarkable cost effective solution to ensure consistency from all retailers

  • Generate increased enquiry volume

    Research has proved that high quality photography increases click and enquiry rates

  • Fully managed solution

    Once you have defined your standards, Pyxel manage the whole process for you.

  • Feedback loop

    We create qualitative feedback to retailers providing clarity on what they need to do/change

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